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It is only difficult when you don't know what to do. In level 1 all you have to do is eat the red worm. There is 2.
which level?
I have the same problem with playing Greenfoot games from the website on chrome. I am using a macbook pro and Safari is the only browser that works for me. If using a different browser doesn't work, please respond again.
The clouds don't vanish at the edge and come back, I have it set to turn 180 degrees. That is why some are upside down. By the way, I started level 6 today. I will update the game every 5 levels.
For some reason, Greenfoot games from the website only run on safari for me. Glad to hear it works on Firefox. Were you able to get through the game levels? If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
This doesn't work on Firefox, but it works on Safari.
I'm not sure how it runs for other people, but I can't control my game. Is it because I have a lot of classes?