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Game/maniac's Scenarios

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play Reflection demo
plays 2812 / votes 5

Reflection demo

by Game/maniac, 2013/4/1

light reflection

play Unknown
plays 4694 / votes 12


by Game/maniac, 2013/4/3

Adventure of a curious robot

play AI Project
plays 4364 / votes 7

AI Project

by Game/maniac, 2013/4/25

AI for shooter games

play Blind mice
plays 4739 / votes 14

Blind mice

by Game/maniac, 2013/4/29

Show them the way

play sprite sheet slicer
plays 8741 / votes 6

sprite sheet slicer

by Game/maniac, 2013/5/26

A class which allows you to use sprite sheets

play Moon patrol
plays 5770 / votes 13

Moon patrol

by Game/maniac, 2013/6/17

A classic arcade game remake

play Lens Glare
plays 2605 / votes 2

Lens Glare

by Game/maniac, 2013/6/23

Lens glare effect