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And how come the wind turbines act as a block, not like a shape even though I saved them as .png, the same as the planes? Frustrating...
Just one more thing. How do I now make the other aeroplane shoot (Avion2)? I tried adding the same method streljaj(); as with the first aeroplane, but it doesnt work.
This works great, except it returns an error when the bullet hits any of the sides. When it hits the top or bottom it disappears as it should. I don't know why it works for Height and not for Width. "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Actor not in world. An attempt was made to use the actor's location while it is not in the world. Either it has not yet been inserted, or it has been removed." Thank you!
Thanks a lot! The plane is shooting now but the bullet is traveling in the wrong direction - it shoots from the propeller and goes out trough the back. How do I invert that?