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Hey brother, in your frog. Instead of all that mumbo, jumbo you had written up replace it with this **CODE** import greenfoot.*; // (World, Actor, GreenfootImage, Greenfoot and MouseInfo) public class Frog extends Mover { public void act() { checkKeyPress(); } public void checkKeyPress() { if(Greenfoot.isKeyDown("left")) { setLocation(getX() - 5, getY()); } if(Greenfoot.isKeyDown("right")) { setLocation(getX() + 5, getY()); } if(Greenfoot.isKeyDown("up")) { setLocation(getX() , getY() - 5); } if(Greenfoot.isKeyDown("down")) { setLocation(getX(), getY() + 5); } } } Way to easy haha. Goodluck.
Nice bro, I miss class haha it was to easy
Good game, it looks fairly similar to MINE! :] haha yo you have a GreenFoot *foot* image on your beginning screen.
You should also add a tag for "nghs"
I noticed something for the Alphabet, I haven't tried the numbers yet, but if you look closely the letter that is being chosen seems too be the one at the highest point? Makes it really easy to win :]
That penguin will soon die! ahaha
This is ridiculously good. Very well put together.
This is ridiculously good. Very well put together.
Good job man you finally got it on GreenFoot. - Gary