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If you use both the ^ arrow key and "w" you can make car go twice as fast :P
So far there is nothing to do except drive, I just need a code to help me make the world scroll and how to make buildings that you don't drive over.


Woah, over time they spawn so fast that your game gets as slow as a sleeping tortoise!
Sahwwry, the time is going to be delayed, I accidentally broke it by taking out the file "Story World"
I didnt finish i still have to fix the bugs.
Oh well, I'll make it but still give credit to the group, and add my name to the credits.
So far in the production of freeplay I have changed the title and I created a new character named blake.
CPE123Group1 may I have permission to release a freeplay mode? I am currently editing the game, I'm trying to add a sword to the game.
PoleBro764 Tanks are slower IRL