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Acquiring Old Source Code to My Game

WillyRed WillyRed


Do the developers of Greenfoot have contact information. Obviously they have access to my scenario and should be able to send me the information for it through email if I request it. I have a game a made in 2016 and the device I made it on is long gone. They should have a feature for creators of their own work to acquire their games even if they did not make it open-source to the public.
nccb nccb


If you shared the source code when you uploaded it, then you can download it publicly from the site. If you didn't share the source code, then you didn't share it with us, so we don't have it either. You'd have to work out the details but the only alternative I can think of is to grab the JAR and decompile it. If you go to the legacy version of the scenario, e.g. then you can search the page source for "<applet" and find the path to the JAR then download it. That at least has the .class files in it, and from there you could decompile (e.g. seems to be a Java decompiler). It won't give you back your original comments etc and it may end up a little clunky but it would at least be editable.
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