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Scenarios tagged: wasd

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play Ambu's Bizarre Adventure
plays 470 / votes 0

Ambu's Bizarre Adventure

by ZenVolka, 2021/3/16

Collect all of the People and return to the Hospital!

play Nuns of the World
plays 563 / votes 0

Nuns of the World

by lady_Took, 2019/1/23

Live the life of a Catholic or Bhikkhuni Nun.

play doodoobeargang
plays 1049 / votes 0


by roboticsandthings, 2018/6/22

Very easy game, just a simple project

play Mutation
plays 2135 / votes 0


by PlayDoh, 2015/8/7

A game of action, adventure, gold, glory and biting monkeys.

play Baby Ball
plays 1816 / votes 0

Baby Ball

by ninthlion, 2014/8/29

Babies. And little red projectiles.

play Odysseus
plays 4626 / votes 8


by tallyaka, 2012/3/3

My first ever Scenario! I made it for English class.

play Eat it
plays 2951 / votes 0

Eat it

by kidi99, 2011/12/7

Eat the fish before they eat the frog