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Scenarios tagged: russia

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play ежик и яблоки
plays 12 / votes 0

ежик и яблоки

by hedgehog_lover, 1 hour ago

собирает яблоки и уворачивается от камней

play gfoot Pacman
plays 21 / votes 0

gfoot Pacman

by zxcqwe, 2 hours ago

simple pacman minigame

play Worms of VVSU
plays 22 / votes 0

Worms of VVSU

by Mister_Worm_of_VVSU, 3 hours ago

Snake version for two players

play ping-pong
plays 47 / votes 0


by foric, 6 hours ago

final project

play SpaceWar
plays 37 / votes 0


by Zlovredniy, 8 hours ago

Space based game roguelike style

play Snake and Apple
plays 77 / votes 0

Snake and Apple

by svetlau03, 3 days ago

Мир с яблочками и змейкой

play Snake
plays 57 / votes 0


by svetlau03, 3 days ago

Змейка кушает яблочки.

play Raketa(SS)
plays 43 / votes 0


by Amerttins, 3 days ago

Хардкорный скролл шутер без стрельбы(патроны кончились)

play Get to the exit ;)
plays 50 / votes 0

Get to the exit ;)

by 1ce_Lad, 4 days ago