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Scenarios tagged: new

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play Timer for the new year 2023!
plays 301 / votes 1

Timer for the new year 2023!

by Sarcandi, 2022/12/25

Wait new year with me)

play superHERO
plays 867 / votes 0


by Luca21, 2021/2/24

Beat the virus!

play Test
plays 746 / votes 0


by yoota, 2020/8/4

Small test

play FlappyBird
plays 982 / votes 0


by states66, 2020/1/15

Get the Bird to the other side without dying

play Assassin's Creed
plays 1875 / votes 0

Assassin's Creed

by DismalDeen, 2015/5/13

3-Player Assassin's Creed

play LimeHunt
plays 1875 / votes 0


by SullyFish, 2014/5/8

Try your chances to get the right chest

play swiming test game like if you wood like games from me
plays 1916 / votes 0

swiming test game like if you wood like games from me

by Lazergames, 2014/3/14

just a starat up test

play The Bread Monster
plays 3383 / votes 6

The Bread Monster

by Doge, 2013/12/15

A fast-paced game where you collect bread.

play Dwarfs and Dragons
plays 2132 / votes 0

Dwarfs and Dragons

by Balathasar, 2013/10/10

You are a Dwarf.