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Scenarios tagged: maze

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play Desolated
plays 207185 / votes 13


by jaunuell, 2023/10/20

Venture into the darkness and discover the truth.

play Lost In The Labyrinth
plays 171409 / votes 19

Lost In The Labyrinth

by bro4sta, 2023/10/25

play Lost In The Labyrinth
plays 123 / votes 1

Lost In The Labyrinth

by abiazfazelms, 2023/12/21

play Which Way Home?
plays 548 / votes 1

Which Way Home?

by jorubi, 2023/7/4

It's time to go home now, it's dark and you need to find your way home.

play Journey of a God
plays 532 / votes 0

Journey of a God

by tm47, 2022/12/11

A maze game based on greek god Hermes.

play Mr.Mouse Chapter1
plays 996 / votes 1

Mr.Mouse Chapter1

by sashvanth, 2022/7/21

play Mr.Mouse Chapter-2
plays 1014 / votes 0

Mr.Mouse Chapter-2

by sashvanth, 2022/10/1

finish the maze to the final boss

play THE maze
plays 1120 / votes 0

THE maze

by sashvanth, 2022/7/13

finish the maze

plays 882 / votes 0


by Lukeacarroll, 2022/6/21

Mario maze game assessment full marks