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Scenarios tagged: line

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play Points and Lines Demo
plays 2645 / votes 2

Points and Lines Demo

by danpost, 2015/12/13

Sort of like a screen saver.

plays 1347 / votes 2

by RcCookie, 2020/8/13

A simple .io game

play Thing
plays 1693 / votes 0


by trimil, 2016/4/22


play A cat that can "see" a mouse
plays 2801 / votes 0

A cat that can "see" a mouse

by jimboweb, 2014/6/24

Contains "line of sight" object allowing one actor to see another

play Mouse Drawing (Pencil class)
plays 2440 / votes 0

Mouse Drawing (Pencil class)

by Zamoht, 2013/7/18

A class for drawing lines with the mouse.