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Scenarios tagged: kuemmel

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play Hung's Asteroid game
plays 1661 / votes 0

Hung's Asteroid game

by equals, 2014/1/17

Complete with Shield and Power Shot

play It's not rocket science! ML
plays 1438 / votes 0

It's not rocket science! ML

by menglou7, 2014/1/17

Fires proton gun, respawns asteroid at Wheatley's eye, has double bullets that follows the laws of physics (contributes to momentum)

play Oliver's Asteroids
plays 1325 / votes 0

Oliver's Asteroids

by OliverHitchcock, 2014/1/17

Score counter and Asteroid respawning

play asteroids sj
plays 1327 / votes 0

asteroids sj

by compsci, 2014/1/17

has lives, proton wave, rounds

play Basic Asteroid Fighter by Silver
plays 1491 / votes 0

Basic Asteroid Fighter by Silver

by moonmagick, 2014/1/17

Basic Asteroid Fighter

play asteroids-1
plays 1470 / votes 0


by 65869, 2014/1/17

Gavin Asteroids

play Asteroids Game - Sant Ramani
plays 1465 / votes 0

Asteroids Game - Sant Ramani

by sramani, 2014/1/17

play asteroids-1 Michael Schmidt
plays 1802 / votes 0

asteroids-1 Michael Schmidt

by Mschmidt96, 2014/1/17

Shoot the asteroids!

play Vandhana M. asteroids-1
plays 1320 / votes 0

Vandhana M. asteroids-1

by Vandhanam, 2014/1/17