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Scenarios tagged: kratzberg_fall2020

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play Game Project- CleanUp
plays 433 / votes 0

Game Project- CleanUp

by 401kpa07, 2020/12/17

Player1- the Swimmer has limited amount of time to pick up trash that is in the coral reef as they can in the win, but they have to worry about being attacked/touched by player2- the dolphin.

play Tower Defense for School
plays 407 / votes 0

Tower Defense for School

by SnowySkyy, 2020/12/17


play Racing Simulator
plays 436 / votes 0

Racing Simulator

by 1921tj10, 2020/12/17

Maze/Racing Game

play Game Project - 2D Haunted House Maze
plays 450 / votes 0

Game Project - 2D Haunted House Maze

by 086kam07, 2020/12/17

Move the boy and girl around the maze until they reach the end make sure they dont get hit by the ghost.

play Krazy Kombat
plays 419 / votes 0

Krazy Kombat

by 681alp26, 2020/12/16

This game is a shooting game. It is a two player game.

play The Great Maze_Project#8
plays 459 / votes 0

The Great Maze_Project#8

by 20Hawks!, 2020/12/16

play Game Project Stickman Platforms
plays 480 / votes 0

Game Project Stickman Platforms

by MrSkyPanda, 2020/12/16

get to the end

play Game Project - Fish Race
plays 444 / votes 0

Game Project - Fish Race

by 431pca12, 2020/12/16

The red and blue fish race to see who is the fastest.