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Scenarios tagged: hell

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play Wizard Game
plays 1037 / votes 0

Wizard Game

by Smartboy, 2021/3/1

Small shooter/bullet hell high score game

play (preview) Touhou 1i - Uneeded Cosmos Generator
plays 1254 / votes 0

(preview) Touhou 1i - Uneeded Cosmos Generator

by TheGoldenProof, 2019/5/1

A game I've been working on for a while now.

play YEE
plays 1803 / votes 0


by monblu, 2019/4/16

Dodge the bullets or die !!!

play Frenzy
plays 2477 / votes 1


by shadowmasterx99, 2016/5/26

A Space Shoot-em-Up

play Fire Away
plays 1615 / votes 0

Fire Away

by Itch-HeSay, 2017/6/19

Short bullet hell game

play Red Dots Hate You
plays 1925 / votes 0

Red Dots Hate You

by supersmashmemes, 2015/12/15

Avoid the red dots and get as many green dots as possible!

play Brick
plays 1965 / votes 0


by DoctorMitch, 2015/2/17

Join Brick on his never ending journey!

play FinalProject12.4.14 (Current)
plays 1381 / votes 0

FinalProject12.4.14 (Current)

by ARM, 2014/12/11

Fight the Enemies and with the Points

play Touhou FanGame #8199
plays 3056 / votes 1

Touhou FanGame #8199

by jackyyang09, 2014/6/13

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Replication