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Scenarios tagged: course

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play Catch the flies
plays 1170 / votes 0

Catch the flies

by DarioLoi, 2019/8/30

Game based on Java Fundamentals course

play Pushy Woman
plays 4893 / votes 7

Pushy Woman

by danpost, 2013/4/25

Keep your woman from getting too pushy. Guide the woman through the levels. Less pushy, more score.

play Exceptions course
plays 4765 / votes 1

Exceptions course

by SPower, 2012/7/20

An important Greenfoot course

play Menu Course
plays 6461 / votes 5

Menu Course

by SPower, 2012/7/5

A Greenfoot course

play Multi Threading demo
plays 5738 / votes 1

Multi Threading demo

by SPower, 2012/5/7

A Greenfoot course

play Snake Avoider
plays 4156 / votes 4

Snake Avoider

by SPower, 2012/5/1

A Greenfoot 2.2 course

play Grab the kangaroo
plays 4515 / votes 5

Grab the kangaroo

by SPower, 2012/4/29

Greenfoot course

play EscapeAway
plays 2582 / votes 0


by mjoraid, 2012/1/24

Casual, terminal simple and easy game