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Just a Drawing Page Basically. Controls: Arrow Keys/ W,A,S,D. move 1. white 2. red 3. yellow 4. orange 5. green 6. blue 7. purple 8. black 9. erase (glitchy) To Move just use the the Arrow Keys or W,A,S,D The pointer or "pen" will face the way that you are pointed. To draw just hold down a number except for 9, erase, which is glitchy and takes alot of memory. As you move while holding down a number key you will leave a trail of that color behind you. If it starts to get laggy just reset it, it tends to do this after alot of drawing, that is why the counter is in place named "Ink" it is to help so that you'll know when to reset it. Most of the code was taken from the senario "Going To Moon Lab 4"

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I like it! Very nice idea. The implementation can be improved, but it's a great start.


The erasing leaves you with no fuel, and the ink text shows boxes. But nice idea

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