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bourne presents ...


Bit by Bit

Demonstration of the 7 bitwise operators on Bytes

(Quick break from my other project)
Literally threw this together in an hour, let me know if any mistakes.

Click on "New Byte" to get a new ByteWindow on screen.
Can edit both numerical and bitstring fields.
Note: Bytes range [-128, 127]

Drag ByteWindows around.
Drag a ByteWindow (fully) into each shaded area (and no more than one per), to enable AND, XOR, and OR operators. Click on these operator buttons to get result.

Note: Cannot have more than 5 ByteWindows open at a time (click on 'x' button to close out. Also results will stack on each other)

& And
^ Exclusive Or
| Inclusive Or
~ Inverse
<< Left Shift
>> Right Shift
>>> Unsigned Right Shift

Reusable GUI Components can be found here:

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Nov 02 03:51:21 UTC 2013 Fixed bug where could not edit bitstring with selecting bits, while at length cap.


Very good visualisation: fun to play around with!


Thanks! Hope it is useful in learning about the bitwise operators.

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