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joeschmoe presents ...


Save the mouse!

Click start. Then hold down the mouse and move around without getting touched by the pink spinners.

I'm not sure how I can make the game only start when you click the red circles in the middle... help?

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Jul 27 03:50:11 UTC 2013 Drag the red box to keep it safe.
For making the spinners not move until you click the middle, have it in their act methods that they won't move until the mouse has clicked once (or more specifically, on the red rectangle). Something like this "public void act(){ if (!mouseClickedOnce()) return; //You define mouseClickedOnce()". Use the docs to learn how to use the mouse through different methods: (take a look at getClickCount()). Also, when the requirements say to use no sprites, what it really means is that you have to draw the image in greenfoot using the GreenfootImage draw methods, not from an image file from the image folder (the image folder should be completely empty)


Thanks for the help on the start, I'll try that! The only image is the background one, the spinners are text "|" and the box you drag is a special character. Does that count as no sprites or should I use draw methods as well?
Oh, i didn't know that's what you did for the spinners. Nice idea! And I don't think the background matters. (Though you might want to double check just in case)


That does count as no sprites


Well done!




I've found an exploit: If you drag the red thingy a little bit and then click somewhere else on the screen a couple times, it'll be teleported to that location.


@ polebro, actually if you drag the mouse anywhere the red square will go to the drag :)

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