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I've been working on this for a while. It is not finished, but I haven't done anything with it recently so I decided to add it now. WASD to move. Click on a block to break it (if possible), click on empty space while selecting a block to place it. Numbers 1-9 select items. Click on items in your hotbar to put them into the crafting area (which is just 2 squares, therefore recipes are simplified). IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. Fire and lava will kill you. Duh. 2. To open a chest, SHIFT-CLICK! Otherwise you will break the chest and destroy its contents! (or maybe throw an error, I haven't tried) 3. When you open a chest, click on items to transfer them back and forth. Press "e" to close it. 4. Tools do have durability...even when you try to break something that you can't. 5. There is a stacking bug where items will go into earlier slots even if they could stack in later slots. Sorry! 6. Your inventory is only your hotbar. 7. There is no gravity; it is not vertical. The world generation just makes it look that way. 8. If I omitted something in the description (and I'm sure I did), just leave a comment and I'll add it. Enjoy the game!

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There is a bug, when your inventory is full and you want to collect another item, that isn't in your inventory yet. It stoped me in breaking the last blocks of the world with my diamond pickaxe :) .
@Kartoffelbrot: What's the bug? It's supposed to just ignore it, but maybe it disappears, is that what's happening? I'll look into it, but that's why you use chests :-P


Yes, I had a few things in my chest, but as I wanted to pick up the dirt block the scenario stopped.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed May 22 18:07:08 UTC 2013
That should fix it. Now items just disappear when you try to pick them up with a full inventory. You still gotta use those chests though!

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