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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Mar 02 17:34:50 UTC 2009


it mabye my computer but loads really slow and is very laggy during start up but from wat i saw good start


Did the sound work for you? I've uploaded and deleted this scenario multiple times trying to fix a sound issue, with no luck. Sound works on export to webpage, but not on export to Greenfoot Gallery. (Verified on multiple computers and two different operating systems) I'm leaving it up for now and asking Greenfoot-Discuss about the problem. Re: performance -- Yeah, this scenario works much more poorly on my home computer than on my computer at school. This is my first semester teaching with Greenfoot, and one thing I'm going to investigate is if it's my physics code that is slowing things down. I've tried to minimize the number of trigonometry calculations by having the moving actors store their delta-X and delta-Y when their direction is set/changed. This way, they only need to do any expensive Math.sin() or Math.cos() calculations when the direction actually changes. All the asteroids do on an average act() is { X = X + dX; Y = Y + dY; setLocation((int)X, (int)Y); } Still seems to go very slowly on older computers though. :( Maybe casting those doubles to int is what's slowing it down?
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Mar 02 21:11:03 UTC 2009
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Mar 02 21:19:06 UTC 2009


Cool! The sounds work for me without problems. (There is, however, a short pause when a new sound starts - such as the bullet sound - and that seem to indicate something a little strange.) Looking at what the scenario does, performance should not really be a problem.
This is the error that i got when i pressed start java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Format of sound file not supported: 15488__djgriffin__tibetan_chant_4_colargol_2_modified.wav at greenfoot.Greenfoot.playSound( at SoundLooper.start( at OuterSpace.act( at greenfoot.core.Simulation.runOneLoop( at Which is weird, because Greenfoot supports wav...


Thanks Builderboy2005! It's great to see someone else confirm this bug. :)
I recommend posting the source code so that we can see it and help find the problem
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Mar 04 18:08:28 UTC 2009


Source now included with student approval. :)
Wow, this is a really weird error, i can't find anything wrong with your code or your files. Um... Try putting all your sounds in a folder labeled 'sounds', that's the only difference i can find with yours from all the others.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu Mar 05 17:23:07 UTC 2009


That fixed it! Bravo Builderboy2005! I'm going to go through Audacity and reduce all of those files down to mono to trim the download down to size.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu Mar 05 17:35:42 UTC 2009


Smaller sound files makes for a quicker download now. Also trimmed off a few accidentally long-tailed sounds that were in there.
Bravo! A very good asteroids game! I do especially like the sounds, I don't know why :P


Thanks! is a great resource for sounds. Lots of things that would be perfect for a game, and all under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license.


+1 for for game sounds and sounds in general, it's a great place to look - and glad it's now working!
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri Apr 03 18:31:36 UTC 2009


Progressive Difficulty has been added. Good luck getting past 30,000 points. ;)


tkiesel you should put a backwards method in there and make a turbo boost that burns for about a second then takes about another 30 seconds to recharge.


30,000? pfft, try 41,756 points (that's my record)