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Mygames19 presents ...


Two Sides Of Us

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! This is Mygames19 / Classic Team here, and here is one of my new projects. It was created in 5 days for my final in AP Computer Science.

You are the walking stick figure in the center. Your job is to maneuver over as many randomly generated blocks as possible. You do so by pressing the "space" key on your keyboard. During the game, the floor will spawn at faster rates. Each speed increase is a "Level". If you feel like more of a challenge, you can hold down the "enter" key to speed up the game and gain points & levels faster. The score is calculated based on the amount of squares rendered. See how high you can go! My highest recorded score is 2,912!

Fixed the collision to be more accurate. Unfortunately this takes almost all skill out of the game and makes it a "hold button to win" game.
Strides have been made in a new version to make this not so, but it has been difficult and isn't to the point of being an acceptable update yet in my book. However I'll still leave this here for those who find it interesting.
Original release. Has basic game in place.

If there is intrest shown in this game, I'd like to think about adding the following:
- Music changes based on level
- Graphic changes to the blocks based on level
- Ability to catch up to the right side of the screen to gain points
- Some kind of point currency
- Spikes
- Enemies
- Bosses would be cool too :P
- Different modes (Maybe a life mode?)
- Title Screen
- Savable scores

Thanks for checking this out!

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Tags: game timing arcade score math art

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Jun 13 05:16:24 UTC 2012 Fixed a Spelling error. :P


nice idea


Thank you! :)


Well done! :) I'm just waiting for a Highscore.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Jun 13 22:54:45 UTC 2012 Fixed up the collision a bit so it's not so strange.


I really like this. The music is nice. I only have one problem -- I found myself closing my eyes and chilling to the music and when I opened them I realized I was still moving forward. I had been holding down the spacebar and moving forward without doing anything at all. :)


Askgriff: Ya, this is to be expected. When I posted the game on other sites, I got a lot of complaints about poor collision detection, so I fixed it. however, by doing so the game's challenge is almost completely gone. I have since come back to the project a few times in hopes of fixing the problem, but I haven't found something that I'm completely comfortable with yet. Maybe one day, I'll update this. If you like the music, feel free to look up the artist! He's pretty young and uses Nintendo DS's to make music.

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