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This scenario is a demonstration of how to read the contents of a file in your scenario.

All the code is in the 'ReaderWorld' class. It's reasonably straightforward, though does need to use exception handling which is a more advanced topic.

Please note, this scenario doesn't do anything when you run it. When it starts, it reads the contents of the 'content/story.txt' file within the scenario, and displays the first five lines of text in that file.

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Is it also possible to write to a txt file?


That depends on what you mean. You can't write to files in a scenario that's uploaded here to; you can with scenarios that you run within Greenfoot or export as an application. Please ask in the discussion forum if you want help with that.


Ok, thanks for the info.


I'm still trying to read a file to appear in the world, but still having a difficult time in doing so. I stored the file in FileDen to read it from and that didn't work. I tried to read it from my labtop, and that didn't work either. I used the line InputStream input = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("filename.txt"); in both scenarios( with the; statement in the beginning line). Is there anything else I should do?


I've got a tip for you, davmac: you now set the image of a TextActor instance, but if you want to be a good object oriented programmer, the TextActor instances should know their images better than someone else. So it would be a better design if you would create a constructor int TextActor with an array of strings, and it creates its own image. This is just a tip, there's nothing wrong with the result right now: it would just be a better design.


SPower, thankyou, but the code is how it is for a reason - I wanted all the important parts to be in one place (the ReaderWorld class). That's because this is intended as a simple demonstration / example - it's not meant to serve as the basis for anything else. And no offence, but I really don't need tips on Object Oriented design. I've been doing this a looooong time. ;-)


Ok, that's a good reason. And I could have known your knowledge of object oriented designing experience, since you're one of the creators of greenfoot :)

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