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drhorriblejr presents ...



It is like minecraft,
One of the best games ever!!!!

This game is not ready for playing...
All you can do is make worlds...
Heres how to make worlds:
First download the source code.
then move the available blocks where you want them
When your done creating your world
simply save the world and comment the world code to me.

You will get credit for the worlds you make :D

Have fun!

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Tags: demo with-source blocks minecraft blockcraft creator

open in greenfoot
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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Apr 30 15:37:45 UTC 2012 New Blocks!


oh shoot did I forget?
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Apr 30 15:40:59 UTC 2012 Published source code because I forgot :D
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Tue May 01 14:39:42 UTC 2012 added portals click here for picture Oh and added more stuff on the real game :D


It might be just me, but I think the recent update's broken the game - all I get is a white screen


No this is the creator. you download the source code and read the help. If you want to play the game go here:


If you mean, we have to download the source code of this simulation... You haven't published the source code... ;)


I hadn't?
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri May 04 16:13:55 UTC 2012 Published source code because I forgot-again :D


/** * Prepare the world for the start of the program. That is: create the initial * objects and add them to the world. */ private void prepare() { Dirt dirt = new Dirt(); addObject(dirt, 0, 19); Dirt dirt2 = new Dirt(); addObject(dirt2, 1, 19); Dirt dirt3 = new Dirt(); addObject(dirt3, 2, 19); Dirt dirt4 = new Dirt(); addObject(dirt4, 3, 19); DirtwGrass dirtwgrass = new DirtwGrass(); addObject(dirtwgrass, 0, 18); DirtwGrass dirtwgrass2 = new DirtwGrass(); addObject(dirtwgrass2, 1, 18); DirtwGrass dirtwgrass3 = new DirtwGrass(); addObject(dirtwgrass3, 2, 18); DirtwGrass dirtwgrass4 = new DirtwGrass(); addObject(dirtwgrass4, 3, 18); Glass glass = new Glass(); addObject(glass, 3, 17); Flower flower = new Flower(); addObject(flower, 1, 17); Bush bush = new Bush(); addObject(bush, 3, 17); Tree tree = new Tree(); addObject(tree, 0, 17); Player player = new Player(); addObject(player, 2, 17); IronOre ironore = new IronOre(); addObject(ironore, 4, 19); Dirt dirt5 = new Dirt(); addObject(dirt5, 4, 18); Dirt dirt6 = new Dirt(); addObject(dirt6, 6, 19); Dirt dirt7 = new Dirt(); addObject(dirt7, 5, 19); Dirt dirt8 = new Dirt(); addObject(dirt8, 5, 18); Bush bush2 = new Bush(); addObject(bush2, 6, 18); Bush bush3 = new Bush(); addObject(bush3, 5, 17); Bush bush4 = new Bush(); addObject(bush4, 4, 17); GoldOre goldore = new GoldOre(); addObject(goldore, 7, 19); Bush bush5 = new Bush(); addObject(bush5, 7, 18); Bush bush6 = new Bush(); addObject(bush6, 8, 19); }

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