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Greenfoot back

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GreenJP presents ...



Player 1:
Move: w, a, s, d
Shoot: e

Player 2:
Move: Arrows
Shoot: Enter

Have fun!


Possible additions:
- 4 Different kinds of cars
- Additional wapons
- structures
- NPCs
- PvP with >2 Players
- PvP Team vs Team
Pleas write if you'ld like me to program more and what of the above you'ld like most.

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Tags: game shooting pvp

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I would work on the control system first, make a nicer acceleration, so if you invest time to go in a straight line, you get rewarded with a car going at max speed, also nicer turning would be fun too, and drifting and stuff! they both require some more complex movement and physics techniques but make for an insanely funner game! just keep adding bit by bit!
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Apr 16 21:05:43 UTC 2012 Added acceleration and car movment without turn() and move() (Thanks for your tipps RedPhoneBooth) I'll work on drifting when I got some time.

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