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The rules of minesweeper:
To win the game you have to put a flag on every mine.
RIGHT-CLICK to place one

You can also LEFT-CLICK anywhere.
This shows you how many mines are around it.

If you click on a mine you loose the game!

Good Luck =)

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Tags: game mine sweeper

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu Jul 07 12:20:23 UTC 2011


Warum ist hier son komischer scrollbalken???


I know it's not yet finished, but one thing that would be good to implement is if you click on a blank, all the other blanks in that section are filled in. :-)


Yes, I'm just working on that =)
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Jul 11 13:43:28 UTC 2011 Now its finished!


Hello! Actually your trabjo is very good. I am a student of Systems Engineering, and I need to make a game in Greenfoot, I would like to know if you can help. I like to have your email or a contact can advise me please. It is very important and urgent for me. I thank you for that. I hope to answer. Jhon Smith


@Jhon Smith Hi! I'm sorry, I didn't check the gallery the last days... Do you still need some help? If you're new in programming in Greenfoot I would highly recommend you to check the API and also watch some tutorials from one of the authors of Greenfoot! ( ) Thanks for your trust, GameCode =)

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