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Greatest Hunter

This is a two player game where both players fight for the highest points. There are four levels and players can get to levels by eating the advancing level objects. The advancing level objects are the mushroom for level two, the gray rock for level three and the yellow rock for level four. To "eat" the advancing level objects a player merly has put there player ontop of the object. The other bugs/animals etc are what racks up the points. If a player moves next to them and hits there according "attack key" then they eat that object and get points. There are also some "power ups" that for the moment just increase the speed of a player. You can get power ups by going over a object that holds a power up and then the actual power up is spawned. Power up's are strawberries and depending on which player gets it it spawns them in the bottom corner of where they first started the game. This is just a start of a game that i had to do for my AP computer class. I intend to add to the game and make it better in time. If you liked my game, please drop a comment and tell me why you liked it.On the flip, if you disliked a party please tell me about that too so i can work on making a better game. Thanks and enjoy!



The keys for player one (or the male character) are:
Up arrow key: move up
Down arrow key: move down
Left arrow key: move left
Right arrow key: move right
Attack key: space bar

The keys for player two (or the female character) are:

The W key: to move up
The S key: to move down
The A key: to move left
the D key: to move right
Attack key: the E key

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I like the concept of this game, but I'm a little confused on the attack feature. Sometimes I don't have to attack the animals, but sometimes I do. I also like the girl's flower in her hair

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