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P's & Q's

Version 1.1
Produced by Creative_Coder
Standalone Project

Mind your P's & Q's.
Exact spelling required.

Input your hypothesis and conclusion for the first statement and second statement, you must spell the p's and q's the exact same.

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Uh... pls explain what were we supposed to do here (Sorry but I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND)
@eagcon1 Hello, thank you for asking this question. This project was designed to go with geometric conditional statements (inverse, converse, contrapositive, and biconditional) all following the if-then format. For the project itself, the first statement's hypothesis is p and then the conclusion is q. With this information the second statement's hypothesis can either be p (following the Law of Detachment) and then the q for the second statement would be blank. Or the p of the second statement could be the q of the first statement making it follow the Law of Syllogism, meaning the last part of the second statement would be r. In summary, after you input these values, you press any key in the input box and then the two statements are identified.

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