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Crab Lobster Chase Game (2 player)

In this 2 player game, the players control the lobster and the crab. The crab starts around the top right corner while the lobster starts around the bottom left corner. There will also be 10 worms that spawn randomly throughout the world. You control the crab with the left and right arrow keys, and you control the lobster with ā€œaā€ and ā€œdā€. Once you start the program, there will be a timer in the top left, which counts down from 2000 act cycles. If that timer reaches 0, or the lobster touches the crab, then the lobster wins. If the crab eats all 10 worms before the timer runs out or the lobster gers it, then the crab wins. Both the crab and the lobster move automatically, you just control left and right. The lobster is slower than the crab usually, but every time the crab eats a worm, it gets temporarily slower.

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I made a mistake in the instructions, the crab starts in the top left and the lobster starts in the bottom right. (I mean it's pretty obvious)

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