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Advanced Calculator Project (WIP)

Currently a work-in-progress

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It still doesn't work a little, when calculating some example, the program stops + everything is calculated in "int", it is better if it is in "dooble". a little help, in order to remove any errors on stopping the program, use try {"Dangerous code"}catch(Exception e){}
try{ "Dangerous code" }catch(Exception e){}


Yeah, I have been using try...catch. Some calculations are in int due to either a. poor design choices earlier on with less understanding b. rounding due to the absolute complexity of trying to calculate things like "(decimal)!" Also, the project was way too ambitious for the time constraints. Never trust your past-self to make good decisions. Past-me is an idiot.


It is a little jank, but this is the first time in the entire history of the existence of this project that it can calculate something at all, just happens to be the day before it's due. Not much I can really do without decreasing the potential for getting marks in the submission of the project.
Clearly, good luck in the development of the project!)
By the way, you can replace the sign": "with the sign"|", I think it will be more beautiful.


Yes but also no. Remember that abs | | is a thing. Just a friendly reminder. :)


I appreciate your good wishes in my development. Except my development ends in about 6h 50minutes when this project is due... I might not continue development after, but I'll probably let someone else pick it up as long as I'm credited :)


(pulling all-nighters to do work is fun...)
But at the expense of the " | " icon, I advise you to think, because the logical or consists of two "|", not one.

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