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first person to the finish line wins and if you get 5 points you lose,The way to win is to get the least amount of points, the rason for this is because every time a player hits an obstacle they get a point so if a player gets above 5 points they lose and if a player reaches finish line first they win wins. the controls for the game player1:WASD, Player2:AUP,ADOWN,ARIGHT,ALEFT

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Tags: game with-source kratzberg_fall2019

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Wow. Just wow. To this day I never really thought that I would ever find a game of this caliber. But on this fateful day, my friend, I am pleasured to announce that I have found a a game better than Fortnite.


I really like your game this is a very original idea, never seen before. If this were to be released on Xbox I would only play this, I believe this project is a 100% it is one of the best I have seen yet. This is even inspiring to me to keep coding, thank you for changing my life 451crh25 you are one of the greatest coders on this planet let alone this universe. Thank you for everything I love you so much........


DragRace by 451crh25> Fortnite by Epic Games


Amazing game. Runs very smoothly, fast, and has great visuals. The controls are simple to follow, and are very responsive.

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