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Octavius presents ...


Beach Vacation Gone Crazy!!

How to Play:
This is a 2-player game. WASD controls the turtle and the arrow keys control the crab. The main objective is to control the crab to move towards all of the worms and eat all 100 of them. Pressing the up-arrow key makes you sprint. The left and right arrows turn the crab. The lobsters (the red animals) kill you (the crab). Avoid them. The alligator kills the crab too. A second player controls the turtle. The turtle cannot help the crab eat worms, but instead kill the lobsters that spawn from the top-left and bottom-right corners. The turtle's main job is the kill the lobsters so that the lobsters don't kill the crab. The alligator (that spawns at the top-right corner) can kill the turtle if it touches the turtle. The airplane (that spawns at the bottom-left) also kills the turtle. The alligator can eat lobsters, the turtle, and the crab. It is very deadly. The only thing that can take it out is it's own kind and the airplane. The airplane has a 50% chance of killing the alligator. There is also a 50% chance of the alligator destroying the airplane. The airplane can only kill the turtle and the alligator.

Player 1 (Crab)
Player 2 (Turtle)

Player 1 must not die. Safety first, worms second. For Player 2, on the other hand, must make Player 1's life more valuable than it's own. Remember, Player 1 can win even if Player 2 dies. Both players have the ability to sprint. Use it only when there are no threats around. Lastly, Player 1 should avoid the top-left, top-right, and bottom-right corners as the spawn lobsters and alligators from time to time. Staying by the top-left and top-right corners might be a good idea for player 2 but Player 2 should never go to the top-right or bottom-left corners.

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It goes quiet after 'the end' but keeps on animating...

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