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GameBird Color

You control the little red bird with the up, down, left and right arrow keys.
Try to eat as many of the little bugs scurrying across the screen as you can, while avoiding being eaten by the big Hawks.
See if you can eat all 50 bugs!

Some ideas for making the game harder:
-speed it up
-add even more bugs
-add more Hawks
-uncomment the code in the Bird class to make it so that instead of getting eaten by Hawks, you lose points (make sure to comment out the part of the Hawk code that removes the Bird from the screen!)
-add obstacles
-add a timer to see how many you can get in a certain period of time
-add another Bird and different controls to play against a friend- see how many bugs you can each get!

This is my first real game that I've written with code, so if my style seems awkward, it's because I've been improvising, and reading a lot of peoples' code to try out different techniques.
I'm really proud of myself that I actually wrote a computer game! Yay!
Thanks so much to the Greenfoot team for making such an easy-to-use program, and for providing so many great resources online to help with the programming. Especially Michael K├Âlling, whose tutorial videos were a big help!

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Tags: game with-source codepoint-09-school-16+

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Not bad for a first game!

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