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Ello, this is a game that I have been working on for an assessment for my College course. I finished it now (When I mean finish, I mean done that is needed), so I'm gonna upload it here because one of my lecturers suggested that I do so, so I could get opinions. I'm just gonna note down a few things that may bug you:

1. When the game finish's (when you beat Astercore or get hit by asteroid (btw, did I mention you only get one life? :) )) the music that was playing from the previous stage will carry over to the final screen. (While I don't mind this much, this may annoy some players)

2. Sudden jumps to the next world. I was going to try and fix this by using some method of moving to the next world when all asteroids have left the screen, but unfortunely, I haven't got much time left of this game, so I'm going to leave that in.

3. Prompts for the buttons in the main menu. Some players may be confused on what to click on in the main menu.

Anyway, now that I've gotten that out of my chest, I leave this game here, hope you enjoy!

Controls: W to move up. S to move down. A to move left. D to move Right. Space to fire.

(If I need to type in more info, just say the word and I'll look into it.)

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Tags: game demo with-source 2d side-scroller

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