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Program will not work on website due to its file reading functionality, so will be required to be downloaded to work. Files can be found easily if in the same folder as program, however files outside of local folder will require details of location. If "." is used then you will require to provide file type too.

Arrow keys allow selection of the next / previous record / field. The keys "w" and "s" also allows selection.
Reletive field names of "URL" / "Link", and "Episode" (not case sensitive) will enable an included functionality for opening the provided url of the selected record.

for the extra function of using the given episode to work, the link provided will require to have the reference point "*num*" in the place where the episode number is to replace. If the episode number is empty it will replace the reference with "1" in the link.

Existing files require to be formatted in a way such that all fields are seperated by the delimiter " || " spaces included (amount of spaces does not matter, tab space also allowed). Each record is to be seperated by line breaks. Files written by the program will automatically be formatted as required.

File Name: Test.txt
Data Held:
Name || Episode || URL || Release Dates || Genre || Description ||
Angel Beats || 10 ||*num*-online || unknown || drama, supernatural || lots of stuff ||
Another || none ||*num* || unknown || drama, supernatural || scary stuff ||

Files will not be overwritten until the 'Save' button is pressed.

Functions of the buttons:
Load: opens an input menu for the user to provide a name for the file to be loaded, if no file type provided it will search for a text file format by default.
Save: overwrites file with currently stored data.
New: opens an input menu for the user to provide a name and the field names or amount of fields to create the new file.
Edit: opens an input menu for the user to adjust the data stored of the selected record.
Add: opens an input menu for the user to provide data of a new record to be added.
Delete: removes the selected record.
Open Link: This button will be provided if there is a field name called "URL" or "Link" (not case sensative). Will open the link of the selected record in the users default web browser. If a field name "Episode" (not case sensative) is provided, the number within that field in the selected record will replace the number "1" in the related link.
Arrow buttons will be provided for switching pages if required.

Navigation within the input menus:
"up" and "down" arrow keys to iterate through to next or previous field.
"escape" key will close menu without saving the edited details.
"enter" key saves edited details to data store to relevant record. Closes menu.
"up"/"w" and "down"/"s" keys also allows user to iterates the current record selected.

Display area:
left box: list of first column for user selection of record to view its collective data.
stat box: display of 2nd column of data of currently selected record.
Description box: Iterative display area for all other data of currently selected record. Iteration done by user interaction with arrow buttons (if provided).

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Tags: with-source

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please tell me if there are still any bugs or problems. :) Only first version, so there isn't that many functions to it, but will be adding extra stuff to it as i go on.

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