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Greenfoot with the Finch

We have recently been working on integrating Greenfoot with the Finch, a robot that plugs in via a USB port and is fully programmable using Java. The Finch has a variety of features:

  • Tri-colour LED
  • Two motors (one for each wheel)
  • Buzzer
  • Light sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • IR sensor (for detecting obstacles)
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • Pen mount

All of the above features are fully programmable from within Greenfoot using the developed library class. If you want to get started, download the template scenario which gives you the finch library and a blank canvas ready to go!

This scenario doesn't implement any functionality but provides a basis for you to create your own scenarios using the Finch. All the required libraries are in place ready to go.

This scenario provides a playground for exploring and testing the different sensors available on the Finch, as well as driving it around.

In this scenario the Finch will wander around at random and stop when it ends up in a spot bright enough. See it in action here: