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About Collections

Scenarios can be grouped together into 'collections', This might be for scenarios that a particular user likes, for scenarios made by a class or group, for running a competition - or for any other reason you can think of.

Any Greenfoot Gallery user can make their own collections. You are allowed to have up to five different collections. Once you have created a collection, you can invite as many scenarios into it as you wish. Note, the scenario owner must accept your invitation for a scenario to actually appear in the collection.

Creating a collection

You can create a collection by following the link below. You'll need to be logged in to create your collection, and you'll need to supply a name and description for the collection.

Create new collection

Once you've created a collection, it will be listed on your profile page. You can also create new collections by following the "new collection" link from your profile page.

Adding scenarios to a collection

Once you've created a collection, you can invite scenarios into the collection. Do this by:

  • Logging in to the Gallery
  • Viewing the scenario you want to invite
  • Click the "invite this scenario into a collection" link which appears on the page (just a bit below the scenario itself)
  • Choose the collection to invite the scenario into, and write a message for the scenario owner.
Inviting a scenario will send a message to the scenario's creator, giving them the option to accept or decline the invitation. The scenario will only appear in the collection if the scenario creator accepts the invitation.