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Scenarios tagged: uaslp

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play Mouse in The Labyrinth
plays 6300 / votes 18

Mouse in The Labyrinth

by Muhardanif, 2015/6/2

Reach the door, beat the time !

play Family, hurry up
plays 7534 / votes 16

Family, hurry up

by MarcoZepeda, 2011/5/3

The family need cross through a field, you have to help them to dodge some obstacles along the way

play Space ship
plays 10584 / votes 13

Space ship

by DanyCamacho, 2011/5/3

Conduce una nave por el espacio evitando tocar los diferentes obstabulos que aparecen y destruyendo a los enemigos.

play Iron Man Adventure
plays 6938 / votes 12

Iron Man Adventure

by SergioAguilar, 2013/11/11

Alien attack

play MarioBomberman
plays 7345 / votes 12


by arnulfo_29, 2010/7/25

play Great scenario
plays 589 / votes 11

Great scenario

by SomeUser, 2022/2/18

I bet you like it!

play Big Fish
plays 6990 / votes 10

Big Fish

by Kuran Kaname, 2008/10/27

UASLP Class Project

play NullGravity
plays 10286 / votes 9


by AngelDiego, 2010/11/5

play TuxAttack!
plays 5149 / votes 9


by Gambo, 2011/5/3

Defense game with Tuxs and Zombies / Juego de defensa con Tuxs y Zombies