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Scenarios tagged: space

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play 3D Space Shooter Beta
plays 16331 / votes 29

3D Space Shooter Beta

by Builderboy2005, 2009/6/14

Major Update

play StarCastle
plays 5349 / votes 3


by adigolee, 2009/8/5

An old arcade game from the 80s

play race
plays 2241 / votes 0


by rootie7, 2009/8/6

very addicting game

play Space Adventure
plays 11305 / votes 11

Space Adventure

by spaceblue, 2009/5/27

An invaders-style game.

play DuckHunt
plays 4003 / votes 1


by EduardoCalderonC, 2009/7/14

Gane puntos matando Patos. Earn points by killing Ducks.

play Traffic Simulation
plays 6157 / votes 0

Traffic Simulation

by ialis, 2009/7/15

A scenario which simulates a simple traffic with cars and semaphores.

play Wombats in Space
plays 8246 / votes 2

Wombats in Space

by spaceblue, 2009/6/27

Help the hungry wombat get his leaves!

play lunarDrifter
plays 7732 / votes 8


by ElJayel, 2009/6/22

Multi-level lander game

play wombats
plays 2768 / votes 0


by bayarkhuu, 2009/5/31