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Scenarios tagged: simulation

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play Gene Pool
plays 3892 / votes 2

Gene Pool

by PiRocks, 2011/4/14

An evolution game

play CrabCritter class for comp science A
plays 1348 / votes 0

CrabCritter class for comp science A

by NicCorder, 2011/4/22

just homework

play GreenCraft V2.2
plays 2999 / votes 0

GreenCraft V2.2

by Lildarkone, 2011/4/21

play GreenCraft V2
plays 4623 / votes 2

GreenCraft V2

by Lildarkone, 2011/4/16

Greenfoot Minecraft!

play Follow the Leader Sim
plays 4639 / votes 6

Follow the Leader Sim

by MathManiac, 2011/4/15

A simulation witch is a great example for atan2(x)!

play Newtons-Lab
plays 7647 / votes 0


by Revenantal, 2011/4/13

play Weird Music
plays 2646 / votes 0

Weird Music

by, 2011/4/9

A brand new musical instrument

play WaterMaker
plays 3564 / votes 2


by MathManiac, 2011/4/6

A simple simulator of water

play Across the night
plays 2772 / votes 0

Across the night

by yangpai, 2011/3/31

Story-maze game