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Scenarios tagged: prototype

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play Dodge The Traffic
plays 1344 / votes 1

Dodge The Traffic

by bramantyoa, 2015/5/7

My first game in 3 hours

play The Conquerer
plays 2368 / votes 2

The Conquerer

by Artyoum, 2014/11/7

An RTS prototype game made in collaboration with many others.

play A* Waypoint Pathfining
plays 5232 / votes 1

A* Waypoint Pathfining

by theguywholikeslinux, 2011/11/27

Almost identical to my previous pathfining example only using waypints

play A* Pathfinding
plays 10511 / votes 2

A* Pathfinding

by theguywholikeslinux, 2011/9/8

A simple prototype for an A* algorithm I intend to use in other Greenfoot applictions. (unfinished)