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Scenarios tagged: piano

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play MIDI Piano
plays 13008 / votes 5

MIDI Piano

by mjrb4, 2009/2/12

Piano that uses Midi

play Piano Player
plays 7267 / votes 4

Piano Player

by edparrish, 2010/11/22

Piano extension with prepared songs.

play Doremi Blast
plays 6564 / votes 3

Doremi Blast

by vincent, 2008/11/16

Musical fireworks

play Player Piano
plays 4951 / votes 3

Player Piano

by danpost, 2012/6/11

A player piano with scroll window

play ExtraPiano
plays 3562 / votes 3


by OfirS, 2011/11/9

A better piano

play Piano
plays 3185 / votes 2


by KAKATOX, 2013/5/12

play Ode To Joy, The Exploding Intro
plays 3113 / votes 2

Ode To Joy, The Exploding Intro

by Sneaky4296, 2012/3/29

Play ode to joy, see confetti

play Sparkling Piano 閃閃星光鋼琴
plays 3858 / votes 2

Sparkling Piano 閃閃星光鋼琴

by imacat, 2012/12/3

A sparkling piano. 鋼琴的改編版,閃閃星光。

play Piano
plays 5497 / votes 2


by DJPez, 2012/10/26

My Piano