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Scenarios tagged: mouse

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play Pressure smulation
plays 5482 / votes 5

Pressure smulation

by Ninto, 2009/3/8

a scenario to simulate pressure and sand.

play Pay Check
plays 2557 / votes 2

Pay Check

by mjrb4, 2009/3/4

Are you happy with your pay?

play Prototype for Future game
plays 4115 / votes 0

Prototype for Future game

by limefortheworld, 2009/2/22

Simple prototype

play CircusLinux
plays 4324 / votes 3


by FolkertVanVerseveld, 2009/2/15

Balloon pop game

play WarBugs
plays 6587 / votes 2


by mbread, 2009/2/14

Strategy game: defeat the computer's nest of bugs

play SliderDemo
plays 9388 / votes 2


by mbread, 2009/2/14

A slider for number selection

play Paint v2
plays 3401 / votes 1

Paint v2

by mjrb4, 2008/8/1

Click and drag to paint

play First Time Shoot
plays 2729 / votes 0

First Time Shoot

by hilman, 2009/1/27

shoot with the appropriate coin and apple

play minigolf2
plays 3494 / votes 1


by Rufus, 2009/1/16

new version of finalminigolf