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Scenarios tagged: midi

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play Midi Animation
plays 5341 / votes 1

Midi Animation

by jagrosh, 2013/5/3

Play any .mid song!

play MIDI Piano
plays 12393 / votes 5

MIDI Piano

by mjrb4, 2009/2/12

Piano that uses Midi

play SmileyInSpace
plays 9002 / votes 19


by Herman, 2009/7/4

I wrote some real cool midimusic, circular and spiral path motion, and a stream of stars :-)

play MidiDemo
plays 7614 / votes 1


by mjrb4, 2009/1/8

Click the button to play a note

play Midi Piano
plays 2231 / votes 0

Midi Piano

by jagrosh, 2013/3/13

Use MIDI to play the piano!

play MidiPlayer
plays 4099 / votes 1


by tintaton, 2010/1/8

Demonstration of a MidiPlayer class.

play Piano
plays 2884 / votes 2


by KAKATOX, 2013/5/12

play Piano
plays 2394 / votes 0


by HappyHarry, 2013/3/15

play Midi Music Player
plays 3664 / votes 0

Midi Music Player

by kenshinakh, 2009/11/11

Plays .mid files for you