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Scenarios tagged: mario

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play Mario Bros.
plays 8038 / votes 1

Mario Bros.

by chiefnoah, 2012/6/3

A remake of the original Mario Bros. for the NES

play Vintage SMB
plays 2200 / votes 0

Vintage SMB

by leonlashway, 2011/2/23

Updated crab game

play Super Mario
plays 30240 / votes 27

Super Mario

by DonaldDuck, 2010/10/24

A remake of the classic.

play Mario Clone
plays 3633 / votes 0

Mario Clone

by Xaller, 2010/12/26

play Mario - demo
plays 4274 / votes 1

Mario - demo

by McChicken, 2010/7/27

Incomplete Mario Brothers

play Super Mario Galaxy 2D
plays 8686 / votes 1

Super Mario Galaxy 2D

by AirboundPizzapuss, 2010/4/27

Collect many coins and get to the Star!

play Super Mario Bros. Scrolling
plays 31784 / votes 32

Super Mario Bros. Scrolling

by Ninto, 2009/5/3

A Super Mario Bros. game.

play mario
plays 7858 / votes 3


by ahomieineed, 2008/12/12

classic mario game