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Scenarios tagged: magic

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play Counter Sticks V2.0
plays 373 / votes 0

Counter Sticks V2.0

by SilverCS, 2022/4/8

play Kentucky Derby 1999
plays 2572 / votes 2

Kentucky Derby 1999

by IchBinAuslander, 2013/12/17

Race your horse to the finish line with your friends.

play Zelda
plays 1965 / votes 0


by Osidy2, 2016/3/23

A neat zelda based game.

play Magic 8 Ball
plays 2488 / votes 0

Magic 8 Ball

by elemnop, 2015/5/27

play Survival Wave Game
plays 2188 / votes 2

Survival Wave Game

by Mikefort, 2013/9/5

Survive Through Waves Of Enemies

play <Insert name here>
plays 1940 / votes 0

<Insert name here>

by SurefireMooly, 2012/8/26

An RPG game which I am making for someone

play Harry Potter: Horcrux Hunt
plays 3213 / votes 2

Harry Potter: Horcrux Hunt

by catrob11, 2011/12/6

Collect the Horcruxes