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Scenarios tagged: hero

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play Guitar Hero
plays 5556 / votes 1

Guitar Hero

by moltenmaster, 2022/10/30

Play various songs in this music-themed rhythm game.

play Baymax Save Hiro
plays 2133 / votes 0

Baymax Save Hiro

by fachrurprayogo, 2014/12/6

save Hiro in the space!

play Token Hero
plays 7940 / votes 4

Token Hero

by Eatserbeam, 2008/11/30

A Guitar Note Playing Simulation Game

play Guitar Hero
plays 11315 / votes 8

Guitar Hero

by Almog, 2011/1/12

3D Guitar Hero

play Calculus Hero
plays 456 / votes 0

Calculus Hero

by moltenmaster, 2024/5/12

Play various songs in this music-themed rhythm game.

play Gorgon Slayer
plays 6391 / votes 4

Gorgon Slayer

by thedemigods, 2010/5/12

2D platform game based on the Perseus myth.

play Guitar Hero
plays 3767 / votes 0

Guitar Hero

by ravenpride, 2012/11/14

Use "A S D F" to eliminate the dots as they reach the squares.

play Sword Attack One
plays 7422 / votes 0

Sword Attack One

by aryandi009, 2015/12/22

Ksatria yang melawan monster !

play The Han Solo Flight Academy
plays 2016 / votes 0

The Han Solo Flight Academy

by JamesEric, 2018/5/7

Spiele epische Weltraumschlachten gegen das böse Imperium und reise durch die Star Wars Galaxie!