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Scenarios tagged: game

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play The Little Crab
plays 26535 / votes 2

The Little Crab

by Xenosis, 2009/10/12

Eat worms, run from lobsters

play Polar Crossing
plays 2539 / votes 0

Polar Crossing

by funkeh_kay, 2009/10/11

Eat the prey

play Javaguy's Tank Game
plays 2680 / votes 0

Javaguy's Tank Game

by Javaguy, 2009/10/11

A Game. With Tanks. By Javaguy.

play CarGame-start
plays 3648 / votes 1


by d3ighty, 2009/10/11

CarGame by Students from Berlin

play Asteroids!
plays 4376 / votes 0


by Abydoz, 2009/10/10

Another asteroids game

play aqua2
plays 4570 / votes 2


by foaad, 2009/10/10

clean up the ocean!

play TheFload
plays 2417 / votes 1


by gie2910, 2009/10/9

Platform Game

play MtOlympus
plays 2291 / votes 0


by lirki, 2009/10/9

Simple Platform Game

play Kirby's Super Short Adventure
plays 2292 / votes 1

Kirby's Super Short Adventure

by airsoftplaya92, 2009/10/8

kirby doing his usual thing