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Scenarios tagged: frog

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play FrogEatFly
plays 2136 / votes 0


by GabrielZanlorenzi, 2012/11/21

Sapo come mosca

play Frog Survival
plays 3360 / votes 3

Frog Survival

by Zamoht, 2012/8/25

Smiley invasion. (Beat the highscore!)

play Frogger
plays 2969 / votes 1


by BreeJay, 2012/5/2

A beginner's rendition of the classic game.

play Eat it
plays 3193 / votes 0

Eat it

by kidi99, 2011/12/7

Eat the fish before they eat the frog

play Frog
plays 6682 / votes 1


by GameCode, 2011/6/27

Help the Frog to survive different levels

play Frogger
plays 3678 / votes 1


by tsmallwood, 2011/6/3

A true classic.

play U2A2 - Frog World
plays 2164 / votes 0

U2A2 - Frog World

by aabb110, 2011/3/24

Help the frog feed its stomach...without feeding the snakes!

play Frogger Game
plays 7802 / votes 0

Frogger Game

by rohwedder, 2010/9/29

Get the frog across the dangerous road