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Scenarios tagged: fish

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play Big Ocean
plays 11091 / votes 32

Big Ocean

by Busch2207, 2013/5/15

Eat other fishes to become bigger (with Highscore)

play Big Fish
plays 7096 / votes 10

Big Fish

by Kuran Kaname, 2008/10/27

UASLP Class Project

play TheFishyFish
plays 2683 / votes 7


by SimonTheFrench, 2019/7/23

Catch the hearts and bolloons without touching the death heads, and as quickly as possible, through many levels!

play Ikan
plays 4199 / votes 5


by uboiz, 2011/11/13

animated behavior of fish

play fish aquarium
plays 5442 / votes 5

fish aquarium

by tylers, 2012/4/18

own a fish aquarium

play Feeding Frenzy
plays 6567 / votes 3

Feeding Frenzy

by sci-fair-guy, 2008/11/13

Eat more fish!

play Fish eating game
plays 5932 / votes 3

Fish eating game

by tomw, 2013/12/11

This is a game were you are the alligator and you eat fish

plays 3181 / votes 3


by depimomo, 2015/4/22

Feed the fish! Beware of starfish, crab, and octopus! (easter egg inside :3)

play aqua2
plays 4747 / votes 2


by foaad, 2009/10/10

clean up the ocean!