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Scenarios tagged: eat

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play Lobster
plays 2723 / votes 0


by clare1994, 2014/1/26

Eat the fish, avoid the alligators

play Visjee
plays 2170 / votes 0


by Greenstudent, 2013/11/1

Eat fishes and become the biggest fish.

play In the Sea
plays 2395 / votes 0

In the Sea

by seale95, 2013/6/13

Survive as a seal, looking for dinner

play Eat 'em Up
plays 2744 / votes 2

Eat 'em Up

by Techtrix, 2013/2/13

Try to eat the purbles without being eaten up!

play PolarRush
plays 8068 / votes 1


by bonana, 2013/1/15

eat fish, avoid the shark

play FrogEatFly
plays 2209 / votes 0


by GabrielZanlorenzi, 2012/11/21

Sapo come mosca

play EAT ALL THE BAMBOO - Elephant
plays 2347 / votes 0


by jjsGSMST, 2012/11/2

Play as a baby elephant trying to eat.

play The Coast of Fiji
plays 2547 / votes 2

The Coast of Fiji

by TheUnChosenOne, 2012/8/10

An adventurous fish tries to fulfill his destiny.

play eat the pie 2
plays 3550 / votes 4

eat the pie 2

by steved, 2012/5/19

eat the pie advanced - now with bosses